IT Savvy Old Fashioned Accountants

At Bolton & Co we use up to date accounting software in addition to an e-signature signing platform called Iris Openspace. This allows our clients to sign documents from the comfort of their own home without having to worry about visiting us to sign or having to pay for postage, which also takes several days to be sent, signed and returned to us. We also use a hosting system which means we can log in to our server at any given time or place, which enables manoeuvrability in terms of where our work can be done. We use Bookkeeping software where the client can pay a subscription fee which allows us to effectively manage their income and outgoings on a day to day basis, we also take full advantage of cloud accounting, meaning that the client can upload to the software, and vice versa. These systems also assist in complying with HMRC MTD rules.

Bolton & Co take advantage of online services where possible such as uploading Personal Tax Returns via HMRC’s online system to improve security and avoid delay that occurs with the traditional postage route. We can link spreadsheet based cashbooks to our MTD software which translates it to a computer friendly language and allows the software to analyse it and make it HMRC compliant. Our software also allows us to have a direct link to Companies House in order to upload documents securely, quickly and efficiently, therefore saving everyone involved time.

Our aim is to assist all our clients with a smooth transition to online services as HMRC is gradually going fully online. However, whilst we use modern software, we always ensure that our clients are comfortable with using it and will provide instruction along every step of the way. As with all HMRC digital launches there are a few glitches in their programs, our aim is to assist where software maybe doesn’t work smoothly. At the heart of Bolton & Co is an old fashioned approach client focused with delivery of services in the format most suitable for the individual client. Our flexibility in providing the correct level of assistance is key to providing the correct advice at a reasonable cost. All our work is meticulously checked by our staff in addition to computer software to achieve maximum accuracy. This allows us to pick up on computer errors, particularly where businesses are new to the online world, HMRC being an excellent example of this.